Seismic Isolation

A seismic isolation bearing is used to protect structures from earthquake damage, minimizing the disruption to people's lives and allowing business activities to continue. Therefore, the demand for seismic isolation bearing is increasing day by day.

Multi-Lead core Rubber Bearing (MLRB)

  • Vertical Load : Maximum load capacity is 20,000 kN
  • Design Axial Stress : 12~15MPa (for Bridge)
  • Design Lateral displacement : Less than 70% of total rubber height (at normal times), Less than 200% of total rubber height (at Earthquake)
  • Lead core : 4-axis (Rectangular & Circular type)
  • Height of Bearing : Equal to single lead core

Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)

Lead Rubber Bearing or LRB is a type of base isolation employing a heavy damping. Heavy damping mechanism incorporated in vibration control technologies and, particularly, in base isolation devices, is often considered a valuable source of suppressing vibrations thus enhancing a building's seismic performance.


It uses rubber's high decrement to provide resilient to building and damping ratio of 10~25%. It is suitable if long-period tensile and energy dissipating capacity according to size and character of building. High decrement rubber is designed to absorb energy by adding rubber's spring factor and friction decrement factor and viscosity decrement factor in the molecules.

Pendulum Bearing

  • Vertical Capacity : Maximum load capacity is 60,000kN
  • Type : Single type, Double type
  • Sliding function : UNI-SLIDE + Stainless steel Plate
  • Feature : The principle of pendulum motion allows for the acceptation of stiffness and horizontal displacement, and the eigenvalues of a structure can be determined through the curvature.

Energy Dissipation Bearing

  • EDS(Omnidirectional)

  • OMEDS(One Direction)


  • Composition :  Disc bearing, MER spring (polyurethane)
  • Vertical Capacity : MAX Loading Condition 60,000kN
  • Design Capacity : Movement by horizontal sliding of PTFE, and pressure and tensile force of spring(same with pot bearing)
  • Type : Quadrangle
  • Design Surface Pressure : 35MPa

High Damper Rubber Bearing

  • HDRB

  • A Cross View

  • Vertical Capacity :  MAX Loading Condition 20,000kN
  • Design Capacity : Less than 70% of rubber height (Normal Condition), Less than 200% of rubber height ( Under Earthquake)
  • Type : Round or Quadrangle (Arbitrary form can be manufactured)
  • Height of Bearing : Determined by the construction volume of upper plate and unique cycle of structure

Vibration Control

It is an leading edge vibration control system to minimize earthquake damage by installing Damper as an energy dissipating device on the building frame and by absorbing input energy for building to stay safely.

Lead Rubber Damper (LRD)

Lead Rubber Damper(LRD) is an energy absorption device with layered rubber and lead. It is free to design by needs as tensile control is possible by size of lead and control of rubber layer.

Toggle System

It consists of 2 brace members and 1 LRD to be installed in the between floors of building. Pin connection in the center is made in between angular connection part with two brace members according to design angle. In case of Lateral displacement occurrence, 2~3 times displacement and speed is delivered to LRD.
Energy absorption increases according to LRD displacement


Steel panel is displayed inside steel frame of lattice shape to improve earthquake-proof, lighting capacity and ventilation. Design demand increases according to the importance of earthquake-proof reinforcement


It is a hybrid type energy absorbing device that dissipates energy through plastic deformation of shear type friction damper and cross section steel. Friction dampers are activated during minor earthquake, and steel dampers are operated during strong earthquake. It can be installed regardless of the design of the building and movement of people.

Sky Bridge

Sky bridge is a kind of connection bridge used for leisure, fitness center and observatory as well as connection role which may maximize usability and community function. It can be an evacuation path in case of fire or emergency. There are increasing cases of sky bridge with excellent usability in accordance with current high story building trend.

Relative Displacement Absorbing Bearing
  • R2SB (Rotational Roller Sliding Bearing)

  • It resolves excessive stress of material by applying the connection path in between buildings and improves stability by vibration control effect.
  • Wind load design standard: Restrict H(:total height)/400 drooping.
  • Earthquake load design standard: Restrict displacement angle per story according to earthquake-proof level in 0.010(Special), 0.015(I), 0.020(II)
  • Baring to accommodate relative displacement: Lead Rubber Bearing(:LRB), Rubber Bearing(:RB), Rotational Roller Sliding Bearing(R2SB), LRB split with Wedge (LSW)
  • Mok-Dong Samsung TRAPALACE


  • Samsung Engineering New Building

Seismic Resistance

Dividing Spherical Bearing

  • Vertical Capacity : MAX  Loading Condition 160,000kN
  • Horizontal Capacity : Seismic classification from 1 to 3
  • Type : Fixed, One direction, Omni-direction
  • Feature : Easy to maintain which product components can be separated by a detachable structure High rotation rate (0.03rad) and aseismatic connector

Rubber Bearing

  • Vertical Capacity : MAX Loading Condition 30,000kN
  • Design Capacity : Less than 70% rubber height (Normal Condition), Less than 150% rubber height (Under Earthquake)
  • Type : Fixed, One direction, Omni-direction
  • Horizontal Displacement : shear deformation of elastic body

Pot Bearing

  • One direction

  • Fixed

  • Omni-direction

  • A Cross View

  • Vertical Capacity : MAX Loading Condition 60,000kN
  • Type : Fixed, One direction, Omni-direction
  • Sliding function : PTFE + STAINLESSSTEEL PLAT

Friction Pot Bearing

  • One direction

  • Omni-direction

  • Vertical Capacity : MAX Loading Condition 60,000kN
  • Type : One Direction, Bi-direction
  • Sliding function : Filled PTFE + POT
  • Maintenance : Excellent friction rate and simple maintenance as it connects upper and bottom part using bolting and socket in replacing the main body

Disc Bearing

  • Fixed

  • One direction

  • Omni-direction

  • A Cross View

  • Vertical Capacity : MAX Loading Condition60,000kN
  • Design Surface Pressure : 35MPa
  • Type : Fixed, One direction, Omni-direction
  • Sliding function : PTFE+SLIDE PLATE

Spherical Elastomeric Bearing

  • Fixed

  • One direction

  • Omni-direction

  • A Cross View

  • Vertical Capacity : MAX Loading Condition 20,000kN
  • Type : Spherical Bearing + Elastomeric Bearing
  • Structure : Spherical Bearing + Elastomeric Bearing