Since established 1972, we have dedicated to manufacture every kinds of Expansion Joint, Silencer, Piping Spool & Duct and related parts for thermal power plant, nuclear power plants, petrochemical & refinery plant. With our technical experience and capability, we have provided reasonable cost, the shortest delivery and right customized products.


Present - 2001
  • 2016 Selected as Regular Member of Korea Dongsuh Power Generation SMB Council
  • 2014 Registered as on of the qualified supplier for 5 power generation in Korea
  • 2013 Joined the membership of EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association)
    Acquired ASME “U2”
  • 2011 Best Supplier Award from HITACHI
    M&A with UNISON eTech
    Best Vendor Award from GE AERO ENERGY
  • 2010 Best Supplier From TOSHIBA Japan
    Acquired ASME “NPT”
    Acquired Certificate OHSAS18001
  • 2009 Started Operation of Vietnam Factory
  • 2008 Merge Both HKR and KORUS Co.,Ltd, Company name changed to HKR Co.,Ltd
    Receive order for Bellows for LNC Carrier from DSME
    “BV” Type Approval Certificate
  • 2007 KR Certificate Type Approval
    “KGS” Outsourcing Quality Management Registration Certificate
    Acquired ISO 14001
    USD 5,000,000 Order From GE Intercooler Pipe
  • 2006 Acquired ABS Type Approval – LNG Carrier
    Approval of LNG Bellows Supplier for France GTT
    Acquired Type DNV Approval –– LNG Carrier
  • 2005 Acquired CE-PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
    Acquired ASME “S”
    Acquired Type Approval – Lloyd’s Register – Bellows For LNG Carrier
  • 2002 Acquired ASME “U” & “PP”
    Award USD 3,000,000 Export Tower Prize From Korea Intl Trade Association
2000 - 1972
  • 2000 Certification of KEPIC-MN
    Certification of ISO 9001 (K-638)
  • 1994 Designated Competent Manufacturer of Development Facility Feed Water Pump Turbine Exhaust Duct (FWPT)
  • 1985 Acquired KS B1536 of Bellows Type Expansion Joint / Acquired “KS Mark”
  • 1974 Start to Produce EXPANSION JOINT & FLEXIBLE TUBE first time in Korea
  • 1972 Founded Korea Raseonkwan Company