Field Inspection Service

UnisonHKR offers a wide range of service relate to plant facilities as routine maintenance, technical support through technical standard and regular plan.

  • Supervising operational phase in project commissioning with drawing
  • Preventative maintenance to decrease risks of failure
  • Maintenance and detailed records the status of operation condition regularly

Repair & Installation

We support reverse engineering, product fabrication and field repair.

  • Performing pipe stress analysis based on existing drawings, data and field inspection.
  • Support optimization for piping system
  • Minimize process downtime by eliminating problems with your measurement equipment


We have provided differentiated service in CAE analysis of machinery, piping and design manufacturing for many years.

  • Analysis of piping stress, Making Support Detail Drawing, Design of pipe support, Structural analysis of Support member
  • Develop and provide automotive library tool and 3D design (UDAS 2D, UDAS PDMS, UDAS S3D)
  • We have structural Professional Engineer and piping stress analysis engineer
  • UDAS S3D

  • Support Detail Drawing

  • Support Member Structural Analysis(MIDAS)

  • UDAS 2D


  • Thermal Conductivity Analysis(ANSYS)