With  constant  innovation  and  top  quality,
we  will  create  a  safe  and  happy  future  for  human

Hello everyone. UnisonHKR was established in 1984 and is currently leading plant, construction, environment  business. The main products of each division are plant , construction, environment equipment like Hanger Support, Expansion Joint, Intercooler, Crossover, Fine dust Reduction​ device and Bridge bearing. we have built up reputation on EPC and construction field.

Despite the rapid changing business environment, we have achieved remarkable growth through continuous innovation and investment. We are making every effort to improve customer satisfaction. Through our products, we wish to make a safe life and make our world happier.
Furthermore, we are diversifying business structure by developing and sourcing items related to present works. We are accelerating the development of growth through selection and concentration of major products.

The homepage includes Live Chat function to enhance communication with customers with user friendly Web design. I hope you will visit many times, and we will understand more about customers’ needs and expectations.

We will devote ourselves to creating a better world based on technical understanding of customers’ minds and products.