Piping stabilization device which is an integrated management system for piping stabilization, is designed to carry out real-time monitoring of the behavior of plant pipes in operation under high temperature and pressure, including the temperature of pipelines and state of piping support devices by installing it on the parts from boiler.


  • Displacement measuring device

  • Dynamic Stroke

  • Pipe Displacement Actuator


We offer flexible and unique solutions for the metal fabrication industry like bellows, pipe and shaped steel. Tailor-made metal fabrication and welding system to meet your specifications.


Modal tower is testing steel structurer for wind load and seismic load, reduction performance and safety pre-evaluation for the dynamic reliability of the actual building such as skyscrapers.
Sensor is installed on major parts of the steel structure of modal tower and get signals such as seismic wave, sine sweep then simulation of earthquake situation.
We offer service by performing a repeated test before installation of vibration control bearing. It measure the dynamic characteristics of the structures.


100% aluminum war material container which avoid environmental hormones and fine plastic dust.
We manufacture Aluminum food container of uniform quality by applying press forming type.

Spare parts for power plant

  • Dog-bone Belt

  • Dog-bone Belt

  • Viton Belt

  • Cross Over Pipe Bellows

  • Duct Non-metallic Bellows

UNISON Strut Channel

Unison strut channel is support beam which is used for communication and electricity cable tray in building and plant. The main advantage of strut channel in construction is that there are many options available for rapidly and easily connecting lengths together and other items to the Unison strut channel, using various specialized strut-specific fastens and bolts.

Strut Channel

  • Size : 41mm, 62mm, 25mm, 82mm(DOUBLE) Metal Framing Channel
  • Material : SS400, A36, SA36, SUS316L, A240TP304, SA240TP304, A240TP316L, SA240TP316L
  • Standard Length : 3.0M, 4.5M, 6.0M(Available upon request)
  • Standard Finished : Hot-Dipped Galvanizing(Carbon only)

Strut Fitting

  • Material : SS400, A36, SA36, SUS316L, A240TP304, SA240TP304, A240TP316L, SA240TP316L
  • Standard Finished : Hot-Dipped Galvanizing(Carbon only)

Strut Channel Clamp

  • Pipe Clamp

  • Pipe Clamp Strap

  • Spiral Duct Clamp

  • Material : SS400, A36, SA36, A240TP304, SA240TP304, A240TP316L, SA240TP316L, SA240TP316L
  • Standard Finished : Galv’d(Carbon)

Strut Channel Nut

  • Spring Nut

  • Fastener

  • Material : A563GR.A, SA563GR.A, A194GR.8, SA194GR.8, A194GR.8M, SA194GR.8M
  • Standard Finished : Galv’d(Carbon)

Bolt & Washer


  • Material : A307GR.A, SA307GR.A, A194GR.B8, SA194GR.B8, A193GR.B8M, SA193GR.B8M
  • Standard Finished : Hot-Dipped Galvanizing(Carbon only)


  • Material : 36, SA36,SUS316L, A240TP304, SA240TP304, A240TP316L, SA240TP316L
  • Standard Finished : Hot-Dipped Galvanizing(Carbon only)