Pipe Support

Pipe support is a device installed to support and protect the Piping system from the weight of pipes, mutations due to heat expansion, fluid vibrations, earthquakes and other exterior impacts, thereby maintaining the safety of the Piping system.
In the plant facilities, the pipe line is the same as blood vessel of the human body.
The purpose of Pipe support is smooth delivery of WATER, STEAM, GAS and other liquids in each of the piping system.


A program that allows customers to design 2D in the design stage to apply the UET products.

  • Products (Variable Spring Hanger, Constant Spring Hanger, Strut, Snubber) Check external dimensions, installation height and surrounding interference
  • Check estimated BOM
  • Check installation drawing

Variable spring hanger

Variable spring hanger

spring hangers are used to carry the dead weight of the piping system at a given support while allowing movement resulting from thermal expansion or contraction of the piping system. It is used in places where heat displacement is low, has simple structure and low price.


Constant spring hanger

Constant spring hanger

Piping Technology & Products' constant support hangers are principally used to support pipes and equipment subjected to vertical movement due to thermal expansion at locations where transfer of stress to other supports or equipment can be critical. It is used in main lines where there should be near-zero change of stress magnitude on pipes or equipment.


Cold Support

Cold Support

Made for LNG, LPG and other petrochemical constructions, Cold Support is a pipe-supporting device which can be used in temperatures as low as minus 190 degrees centigrade. Often made from polyurethane and compression molding wood, Cold Support safely supports the pipes by cutting off heat conduction in low or even extreme-low temperatures and maintaining ample intensity.


Sway Strut

Sway Strut

A sway strut is a device used to restrain movement of piping in one direction while providing for movement due to thermal expansion or contraction in another direction.


Hydraulic Snubber

Hydraulic Snubber

Hydraulic Snubbers are used to control movement during abnormal conditions such as earthquakes, turbine trips, safety/relief valve closure. Snubbers allow for free thermal movement of a component during regular conditions, but restrain the component in irregular conditions.



UnisonHKR contributes for the production and customer’s requirements with continuous technical development and engineering. With this strength, UnisonHKR had performed many Boilers, HRSG and FGD projects.

Boiler & HRSG Damper

The boiler damper must be designed with consideration of high temperature. Also, installation of insulation & liner or CASTABLE construction is required.
Thermal expansion and blade deflection should be considered first for preventing deformation by high temperature. we have secured high technology for boiler damper engineering that considers above factors.

FGD Damper

Damper for FGD is composed of inlet damper, outlet damper and bypass damper for emergency. Due to flue gas, all exposed part shall be high alloy that has high corrosion resistance.
To prevent leakage in damper, seal air system is required. This seal air system includes steam heater with temperature control valve for maintaining temperature, steam trap for draining condensate water from steam heater and some instruments such as temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter and temperature element.

Product Line

Louver Damper

Louver Damper has short open-close time and is widely used for quick separation of gas, bypassing and adjusting in industrial and utility plants.
Also, blades of louver damper are divided into several sections and require less power(torque). It may be applied to circular and rectangular ducts. Due to louver damper being lightweight and compact, gas flow interference occurs less often in any location.

  • Control Louver

  • Single Louver (Ver.)

  • Single Louver (Hor.)

  • Double Louver (Zero Leak)

Tandem Damper

Tandem damper is the “Zero Leakage Damper” and is used in every system. The design of the tandem damper is more compact and economic than double louver damper.
It may perform “Zero Leakage” with seal air system and heating system.

  • Tandem 1

  • Tandem 2

  • Tandem 3

  • Tandem 4

Guillotine Damper

Guillotine damper has higher efficiency for zero leakage than other dampers. It’s typically used for tight sealing. Unlike other dampers, it may be installed without interference between blade and other facilities.
Also, Guillotine damper can be used as dual with other dampers.

  • Rack & Pinion

  • Chain & Sprocket

  • Cylinder

  • Jack & Screw

Stack Damper

Stack damper is installed at stacks of industrial and power plants. It is used for keeping out rain and preventing boiler cooling at shut-down.

  • Stack 1

  • Stack 2

  • Stack 3

Wafer Damper

Wafer(butterfly) damper is a circular damper that has one blade and installed at small duct. It cannot be used for adjusting flow rate like louver damper but installation and maintenance are easy.

  • Wafer 1

  • Wafer 2

  • Wafer 3

  • Wafer 4

Diverter Damper

Diverter damper is used in the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generation) system. Unlike other dampers, it can be applied at ducts which allows a fast flow. And also, it can switch gas flow into cogen & bypass mode with one blade. Therefore, it is economically better than using 2 dampers.

  • Diverter 1

  • Diverter 2

  • Diverter 3

  • Diverter 4

Poppet Damper

Poppet damper can be used as a valve type and sometimes utilizes operating with temperature and pressure signal as a vent damper for preventing explosion.

  • Poppet 1

  • Poppet 2

  • Poppet 3

  • Poppet 4

Expansion Joint(HKR)

Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint is a product that maintains the piping system and protects equipment by absorbing high stress magnitude on pipes due to outer temperatures that may influence energy delivering pipes, pipe expansion or contraction caused by temperature changes in fluids, equipment vibration problems, wind pressure or earthquake.

Product Line
  • Metal Expansion Joint

  • Non-Metal Expansion Joint

  • Rubber Expansion Joint

  • Flexible Joint

  • Cross Over Pipe